Growing the Words

Some days I spend time just browsing through the sites on my blogroll, and while visiting their sites, I look at their blogrolls as well. Often that’s the way I discover some of the wonderful sites out there. As I read the entries of some of these amazing writers, I become painfully aware of how new this is to me, this writing thing, and how much I need to grow.

I’ve spent the afternoon looking at courses in writing, not because of the other blogs, but because I just got the urge. We have several colleges in our area and a large university. I can’t believe I’m looking at anything to do with school, but was reminded of the prediction made many years ago, by a teacher, that I would go back to school. I’ve been working so hard trying to write, stumbling along by myself. It’s so like me, trying to do it all by myself. Now I think I need more and it’s time to move forward. I need to play around and discover what road my words need to follow. I’m not sure fiction is the way and there are many other roads. At one time I felt nursing school had cured me of any wish to ever revisit the world of academics, so I guess the urge to return is pretty strong.

No one can give us that need to write that comes from within, nor can they fill us with the words that grow there. They can however, help us unlock the doors so those needs can be met, and our words can find a place to be remembered.


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