Magical Moments

It’s been a night of very strong energy this new moon. I slept very little last night, the energy surrounding me, making words fall from me with ease at a time when I wanted only to sleep. Still the energy was beautiful and I could do nothing but lie awake in it’s presence, feeling the love speak with me and through me. I suppose that all sounds very dramatic indeed.

This energy has followed me today and I finally put it to use in a working, something I had intended to do during the wee hours. I wrote a letter and sent it a bit unconventionally, trying something new. I plan to post one as well as I’m a fairly practical person. As I worked with the energy sending the emotions and words of the letter, I felt a tremendous strength fill me. Tired but peaceful after my efforts I extinguished my candles and went off to make my dinner. Upon returning to my place of crafting, I found the candle used for the subject burning. When I had left it was completely burned down and had gone out on it’s own. I lit the candle representing me, because I felt like I should and I then set about to light the others. I relented leaving things with just the two candles, and set about doing other things. When I returned the red candle representing the love I had poured into the working, was now burning, and it burned until there was nothing left at the bottom of the candle holder. The subject candle still bears a flame, a mystery to me as it should have gone out ages ago.

Perhaps this sounds like a made up tale of magic. Trust me when I say I don’t make up such things. I have no time for made up nonsense and as my son would tell you, I’m a skeptic who questions all things. As I sit now watching the flames of our two candles, I know that sometimes things just line up in this universe and there is nothing that can diminish the magic of such moments.


3 thoughts on “Magical Moments

  1. Magic is only considered made up by people who must believe that the universe is neat and orderly and everything happens for an explainable reason that can be reproduced over and over again in a lab…but, life is peculiar and wonderous, filled with stuff of legend and myth…and I for one think its so great how magic fills your days and nights.

  2. I need a blog linke Webisthr so I can see your blog. As far as the theme, I won’t be changing it any time soon. It’s too much trouble as I can’t adjust font sizes without css. What is it you don’t like? The header? I change that all the time so not to worry.

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