As I sat looking over my entry from yesterday, I wondered to myself if I should post things like that at all. Perhaps such experiences should be kept on the pages of a private journal, never shared. It did tend to look like some made up tale from a sleep over filled with giggly young girls. It’s difficult to discuss happenings from the mystical side of life even though there may be a deep desire to share, as I felt yesterday.

There is a side to me that craves answers for all things. In this mystical side of the world, there are no answers but the ones that come to you from deep within. I have had to learn to hear them, balancing those messages with a past that has filled me with uncertainty. It is easy for me to doubt, to dismiss the very things I see before me. Sometimes those messages come to me with strength to push their way through those doubts and uncertainties, helping me learn to trust in myself and in others. So it was with the message yesterday. The working was filled with intense energy and this energy continued working long after I left the site where I worked my craft. When I returned home this morning there were more things that defied explanation.

There can be no doubt in the message, not this time. The love that was sent was returned and the beauty of it still fills this very room where I sit. Tell me how not to share that with others.


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