Twists and Turns

It’s been a struggle to write the past few days. There have been many things on my mind but I’ve been unable to put them to words.  Between work and the usual things on the home-front I’ve found myself pretty consumed.

Periodically I hit these snags on the road where I feel like I’m out there dangling with no idea who I am or where I’m going. That’s where I am again. Now that I’ve struggled with this feeling several times it seems it’s a bit easier to tolerate,  and also it seems to signal another turn or step forward in my quest to figure out who this person is that walks inside me.

Currently I’m a bit preoccupied with thoughts of a blogging venture that may or may not get off the ground. The other day I wrote a post presenting the idea of taking a moment top write our fellow man.  There are so many people in this world, many who are not as fortunate as us. Some seem to gain public attention while others do not.  We do not all have the same value on this earth and this is something that bothers me a great deal. In fact as I look around at a culture based increasingly on the “bottom line” it seems the value of people is becoming less and less important.  I suppose this is why, if I could have my ideal job, I would wander the world writing about its people, especially those who need to be seen.

If we can write about our environment surely we can take a moment to write about those who walk this world with us with the same hopes and dreams, but without the voice to help realize them.  I know there are many who already do this on an individual basis on political and social blogs.  My purpose when I began blogging was not to venture into the greater world.  There are those better equipped to write about such things.  This blog was to be my place and my journey. Perhaps this is just another turn on that road.  I’ll keep you posted.








3 thoughts on “Twists and Turns

  1. It’s a wonderous gift to be able to remind people…all people, that they matter…makes me feel all O’Henry like reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

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