Finding The Way

One of the biggest struggles for me over the past year, has been finding a place where I fit. Since discovering this side of myself, be it pagan or whatever, I’ve gone on to search for others who feel as I do, who experience those things I experience.  I’ve found things and abandoned them and continue to work on defining just who it is I am.  I suppose you could say I believe in all things and I believe in nothing. I see the world through many eyes, and I refuse to follow just one path.

When I first started down this road last fall,  I joined many groups and forums in an effort to discover like minded souls. What I ended up finding, for the greater part,  were many who made me doubt myself and who perceived the pagan world from their point of view only, one that did not tolerate any variance. The pagan world speaks much about intolerance but does not see that some of the worst intolerance lies within their own circles.  There were nice people out there, ones searching, as I was, for a guide to help them as they were going through a discovery and transformation.  There were few guides there, but those whose arrogance drove many like myself to solitary discoveries or in the case of some, away from the path entirely. During that time, I was given misinformation and made to feel that without years and years of mentoring and experience I would never be able to embrace the divine.   Occasionally there were those who would lend a hand to me, in my confusion,  and I will always hold them in my heart.

Since I’ve separated myself from these groups, I’ve found more people like myself, people out there who walk a path that has no name but one that embraces the world and the divine within.  No one can find that for you nor can they take it from you. They cannot hold it captive because you do not believe as they do, and they cannot award it because you have done those things they feel you should to earn it. The divine is there walking with us from the time we are created.  You may look to find it, or perhaps one day, as it was with me, it will find you, calling in a voice that is unmistakable.





3 thoughts on “Finding The Way

  1. Hi Sweets!
    I’ve been caught by life for awhile and now working on moving Modern Musings from blogger to her own domain. I am almost done and very excited.

    Meeting my husband who is a Hindu helped me cope with my “otherness” in regards to my spirituality. I too walk a path unnamed. Some things are almost too sacred to confine with labels and can be best described in terms of it’s rasa, it’s emotional essence. Though I am not a Hindu, I found others who understand the language of my way.

    I am experiencing this transformation in my world view in terms of politics which is equally frightening. I often do not know how to communicate my observations in “real life” because most people do not have the same background information as I do. I find my audience online since many internet users have done research on their own in the quest for reliable, and accountable knowledge.

    I am wishing you so much joy for you and yours. Have a blessed Samhain and may the new year bring more awakened bliss in your life.

    Much Love


  2. Hello 🙂 Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I am also one of those on a “nameless” path. I think there are alot more of us out there that one might think. One of the real blessings of the internet is that it has allowed me to hook up with so many people from so many different belief systems. Just last night I sat in on my first circle with a bunch of wonderful witchy women who embraced me with open arms.

    I think when we look to see how alike we are to someone else, rather than focus on how we are different, it changes everything. 🙂

    Blessed Be
    We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

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