The Unsettled Moon

Today is a beautiful fall day, slightly cool with a few trees of golden and red still remaining, set against the backdrop of the blue sky. Still there is a sense of unrest that hangs in the air, one that has walked by my side for several days now. Perhaps it is the energy of the full moon coupled with the arrival of Samhain. Perhaps it is the departure of my good neighbor, watching the van load up the last of their possessions. It seems as if this is a time of separation, one of moving things out of our lives. That is appropriate I suppose with the arrival of the full moon. The new moon moves with me, we are in sync and I feel a mystical energy during that time. The full moon illuminates all that is around me, bringing its energy to me in an almost jolting force at times.

This is a time of separation it seems.  Things around me are leaving and departure from the familiar always rocks my world at least for a while. My friend who has been blogging with me since May is closing her blogs to pursue her writing. She is a good writer and I support her in all her efforts. I’m just hoping I don’t lose touch with her as she has become part of that familiar landscape for me.

Today I have spent some time catching up with blogs here.  There are great blogs out there many I’m sure that I have yet to find. My focus here is to write and I am guilty of not always visiting others as often as I should. Once there I find treasures that amaze me. As I move forward and embrace new ideas, I may not meet the needs of some who have been readers in the past.  When you take chances you risk losing some along the way. It appears I have done this already, again more separation. Still life is about risk and chance. Without it we never move forward and we may miss some of life’s most glorious experiences. 

 Even with the unrest and slight sadness that fills me this day, you will find me out under the moon. She calls to me and I am drawn to her beauty and light.  As I sit under the moon and stars on this quiet October night, I will wonder how something so strong can be so beautiful.  




One thought on “The Unsettled Moon

  1. I found my way here from Julie Marie’s blog. I have enjoyed reading your writing. What you wrote today about change and separation made me feel melancholy and even lonely. Hopefully, the change and separation I know is coming will not happen soon. I am not ready…I will never be ready for it.

    Thank you for allowing me to visit. I hope to return.


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