Yesterday I removed my pretty deep blue design. As I sat here talking to my friend I realized my real name was sitting there big as you please on all my posts. I went into my profile to see if I had changed anything, but no, I was still listed as Goldenferi, a handle I created when I first opened this blog. At the time I was just looking for a different name, as I was escaping the clutches of those I had first found in the on-line pagan world. As a newbie I was struggling with feelings and experiences that were all new to me. During that time of tender transformation, I found myself smack in the middle of what is known as “witch wars.” This was not a good place to be and I needed to strike off on my own in an effort to find out what I believed.

Now as I sit and think on it, perhaps the time is coming where I no longer wish to write behind a created identity. There are those who have come here enough who know my real name anyway. I’m going to sit and think for a little while longer about that pretty blue template and about who I am. Perhaps it’s time for a change, to uncover the woman who has been quiet for so long.

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