Honoring Those Most Worthy

During the night I opened my blog and found myself the recipient of  this honor. hitthemark.jpg

As I read the words on Sorrow’s page it was  as if I was looking behind me wondering “who is she talking about?” I am always surprised when I find out my blogging has had an impact on someone.   Her words were  beautiful and I found myself in tears as I read them.  Now I’m on my first cuppa for the day and trying to wake from more strange dreams so I can adequately thank her.  Also, I’ve been remiss in passing forward these wonderful awards  and I’m thinking of all the wonderful blogs I’ve discovered out there.

One of the things I do periodically is browse blogrolls of those on my blogroll, and so on. You can find some real treasures this way and so I have. There are blogs that are home to incredible writers,  and some that are home to those who can lead you on a visual journey of art and beauty. There are those who are courageous, speaking out against the injustices of the world or perhaps writing of their past and how they have moved beyond.  There are those who inspire me and those whose talent make me wrestle with my own doubts.   Then there are those blogs that make you laugh out loud, a breath of air needed in this serious life. 

I’ve pondered my blog these past few days, knowing I need to expand my writing into something, but what I’m not sure.  One can only write about the moon in so many ways. I’m on my second cuppa now and when I join the conscious world I will pick some blogs for this honor.  Until then, thank you so much.

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