Before the Snow

Sometimes in winter, when I wake up at night, there is a stillness, a quiet in the air and I know it’s snowing. I don’t really know how to explain it but I’m always right.  It’s like that around me right now,  still and quiet, like I’m waiting for something.  It’s a peaceful quiet, a respite from the busy holiday times that will soon descend upon us.

I’ve cut back a bit on my blog time as I feel a pull to be doing other things as well. There is a strong need to get back to my walks as I gain a great deal of strength from nature. There is also a part of me that wants to write something new, but I don’t yet know where go with that. I’ve thrown myself into blogging with such intensity and I think I’ve neglected myself in other ways.

The confusion that has surrounded me is clearing and I once again hear the voice that comes from within, at least for now.  I’m going to kick back and listen to that voice, and wait for the words that I know will come through me onto the page. 



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