November Monday Musings

Today is a typical November day. The north winds blow, moving the trees in rhythm and pulling at the last of the leaves that hang on to the branches.  We had our first snowflakes today. I’ve lived with snow my whole life and while my fascination with it has dwindled over the years,, there is still something magical about those first sparkles of snow. I remember as a child the excitement at seeing the snowfall and rushing to get outside.  Now I’d rather stay wrapped up and cozy with a cup of tea.  

I’m looking out over my lower deck knowing I need to fill the feeders and put corn out for my many visitors.  They need our care in the coming months and they reward us with their beauty and in some cases just their silly antics.  We are fortunate where we live to have all the wondrous wildlife.  It’s like living country even though we are just outside of the city.  

Today it’s the serenade of the leaf blowers so I’ve had marginal sleep. Still I’m thankful it’s them doing it on this windy day and not me.  As they pile the leaves it’s as if the last of the color disappears from the landscape, leaving behind the grey backdrop of  winter, so quiet yet so magical. It almost whispers of something soon to come. 





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