Pick a Song

Missharleyquinn tagged me on this one. I’m supposed to choose one song that describes me. This is such a difficult task. It depends on the mood I’m in, what I’m doing at that moment, and also who I’m thinking of.

I like almost all kinds of music, rock to harp. When I write I play classical or quiet things. There is nothing like classical music with it’s many emotions to carry you away to other places. When I need to move about the house and get things done, I put on anything from the Stones to rap. Music is a big part of life and I can’t imagine being without it. I suppose if I have to describe myself in one song, I’ll go here. It’s my favorite poem by Tennyson and the song is equally beautiful.

Mermaid, though I know this will be even more difficult for you, you’re it.



3 thoughts on “Pick a Song

  1. I adore this song…it so fits what I know of you. 🙂 So romantic, so timeless…I alway see a lovely woman on a shore, dress whipping in the wind when I hear this tune and how I wish that sort of woman could be me…I tend to be the sort that falls in the water! *l* But, the world needs great beauties awaiting their loves and it also needs the ones who find themselves in a patch of soap root laughing at the latest mess their in!

  2. How fascinating, I once thought that your site reminded me of Loreena McKennits Mummers dance. I was close, but not quite. i guess I was thrown by the Beltane and moon references..LOL

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