What Could Have Been

Last night my son and I sat talking about his day.  Yesterday he arrived home with his friend who lives down the hill, who had hopped his bus home. On the bus ride one of the kids pulled out a bebe gun, painted to look like a real gun, pointed it in my son’s face and said “I’m going to shoot you.”  My son stood up, now twice as big as this kid, and told him if he did, he would break the gun over his head. The kid backed down and then went after Peter’s friend who is not big and who is afraid of bullies. He shot him several times with babes, thankfully, and is now suspended from school. The friend is now afraid that the bully’s friends will retaliate.  My son will be the one on that bus today, not the kid who was shot and I can’t help wondering what my son will have to tell me when he arrives home.

I thought about it all this morning over my coffee. What if that had been a real gun, not just a bebe gun? My son might be gone. The bullies that we experienced when we were in school are nothing like the bullies now. These kids are vicious, both girls and boys, and have no heart or compassion. My son is intelligent and very perceptive and I have taught him how to handle them by confronting their behavior and embarrassing them. It is working so far. Fortunately my son is also very big for his age but he is not a fighter. I doubt very much if he would have followed through with this threat about breaking the gun over the kids head, but most likely he would have taken it from him.

Bullies will always be an ongoing problem. They’ve been with us since the beginning of time I suspect. The problem is becoming very serious in a culture that has become increasingly violent.  Not one day goes by in school for my son without an encounter of some sort with these kids.  I have taught my kids early on how you treat other people and how you don’t treat them. I have taught them what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. I have taught them to be compassionate and treat all people equally.  We as parents need to take a good look at the schools and at our children.  We need to take a good look at the entertainment industry and how violent it has become. I thought I’d never hear myself say these words but look at the games these kids play.  What are we teaching them?

Listen to your kids. Talk to them all the time. You might find out some very interesting things.  My son is in the 8th grade. The big word they all use is rape.  That’s something to think about.


3 thoughts on “What Could Have Been

  1. Not only is there those that bully but also those that stand by and do nothing. This applies to many levels. It always, and still does, impress me the way my Father handled these situations. He will stroll up to ANYONE acting inappropriately and shame them in front of everybody. The man stands still for no one. Different generation.

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