Out of The Mouth Of Babes

My son and I have some of the most interesting discussions.  It’s amazing what kids notice when you don’t present it to them first. We were having are usual  afternoon chat when he pointed this out.  His one friend who has no video games and is not allowed to watch anything with violence of any sort, is the nicest friend he has.  Interesting isn’t it? Perhaps all those studies were right.

Don’t get me wrong, I love video games and I’m pretty darn good at some of them. I do not however allow things like Grand Theft Auto into my home and I’m shocked to find little kids playing a game and glorifies violence and killing and devalues women.  As adults we are going to have to become the boss again and learn to say no if we ever want society to turn around from the violent greedy place it has become.  

That’s my little ditty for the day.

2 thoughts on “Out of The Mouth Of Babes

  1. Your post reminds me of an article I read years ago. A woman was concerned her child wasn’t happy enough, fulfilled enough, and kept busy with new challeneges. She went to her mother, knowing what a wonderful childhood she had, and asked for advice. Her mother responded with” You followed me around the house while I cleaned.” Being let down by the answer, she called her grandmother, to find out what she had done to make her kids happy. Her answer: “SchMappy Happy…it was the depression. We were happy if we ate.” I agree with you, we do need to learn to say no. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

  2. Not having TV for 14 years, and having dealt with the fall out from this has been such an eye opening experience. You have a wonderfully intuitive son! He shines in your words as the blessing he must be for you!

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