November Days

Thanksgiving has come and gone though the feeling it brings is still with me.  It was peaceful if not a bit understated but really it all worked out fine. It turned out to be just the four of us and it was probably for the best.  I managed to turn out a nice meal but I was knocked out by the return of a cold and not worth much else.  

In the spirit of the day my youngest and I took the dog for a late walk.  Last year it was so nice we walked in cotton attire, an unusual twist for November. This year it was cold and still, the night sky brilliant with the full moon. It was surrounded by a halo of light and it illuminated the trails and walkways.  Shining through the tall bare trees. coupled with the dusting of snow on the ground it made a picture worthy of a card. 

Sometimes it’s hard to find beauty on a gray November day, but once again it was there in the snowflakes that feel softly and in the moon lighting my path as I walked through the trees toward home. 


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