Passing Them Forward

Once again I find myself bestowed with more lovely awards, thanks to Sorrow.


There are times I’m not sure what I am doing to deserve these accolades from friends as I seem to have been milling around in a state of confusion for the past couple of months, not knowing where I was going or grumbling about where I find myself. As I said in my previous post I’m trying to learn to express myself in a true light without returning to the post to soften the edges or delete it entirely. I opened another blog in a move I thought would “set me free.” It has not and though it is lovely looking, I find myself writing in pretty much the same way.

Perhaps this is what I’m supposed to do for now and perhaps those things that sit deep inside me are best left to the pages of a private journal. Still while I grumble and mumble and sort myself out, it’s good to know I have a community of like minded souls who hear me. I also have an array of beautiful, artistic, funny and spiritual blogs to get me through the day and inspire me to become better at this whole writing thing.

Now to pass these along, something I’m terribly remiss at doing. There are so many to choose from.

Mermaid whose blogs are beautiful and soulful and a friend who listens to my insane babblings.

Danielle whose Modern Musings keep us informed and thinking about what needs to be done in this world.

Grace whose blog keeps me inspired.

Missharleyquinn a visitor from the early times going forward, one who understand the ramblings of my heart.

These are just a few of the deserving candidates I can name tonight. Take a look at some of those on my blogroll. It’s a great way to discover some wonderful sites.

3 thoughts on “Passing Them Forward

  1. Oh, thank you so much!! 🙂 (( Goldenferi )) I can say the same about your blog here (also beautiful, btw!) Your writing style (and content) is such that I always feel a connection when I come by here….So many thanks again and Brightest Blessings!

  2. It’s been hectic so I missed these lovely awards. You are so deserving of the honors. I really appreciate your sharing your journey with us, you touch so many people with your honesty and openess.

    Though my visits may be infrequent know that you are always held in my heart and mind.

    As always…

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