Thoughts On a Full Moon

I’ve had a quiet few days and have not been able to blog very much. Our household has been flattened by the latest bug and I’m still struggling. Sometimes it takes all the creativity out of a person when you feel like this.

Thanksgiving was quiet and uneventful, something that I appreciated given my run down state. The food was wonderful and all went well. As is usual with us over the holidays, we had some activity in our home on Thanksgiving day. I was upstairs and the dog started barking as if someone had come to visit. When I went downstairs she was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, looking straight ahead, her tail wagging. She stood there for some time, clearly “seeing” someone she knew. Pets are very perceptive and often they pick up things before we do.

This afternoon I was reading a post by a friend who spoke of writing and ranting. She has reached a level with her writing, one I envy. I still struggle with letting go when I write, stopping to soften edges, often deleting posts after I look back at them. We are conditioned through our lives, at least I was, starting when we are small, not to speak our minds. My conditioning carried on for years and now it’s a tough thing to unlearn. Until we learn to speak, the total creativity inside us is held back behind this invisible wall. So I will continue to work on it, but I wonder if I will ever change or if this is who I am and who I will remain after all these years.

The moon has been glorious the past couple of days and this full moon has been very peaceful but filling me with illuminations. Connections with others have been affirmed in the most surprising of ways and things seem to be coming together, at least for the moment. It’s a welcome moment of light.

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