The Shadow Dance

Today I was looking for some music from a movie I watched. It was a haunting movie, about someone who dreamt of another life. As I looked over the track titles there was the one called, “The Girl With Two Souls.”

As I sat starting at the title, I felt powerful emotions washing over me, a knowing once sitting deep inside, now captured some words on a page. The girl with two souls, living between two lives, the one she has at her side and the one she feels from the shadows. Neither life is less, both are part of her, yet one calls so strongly, like a call of wild things in the night. It weaves an enchantment around her heart and fills her spirit and soul with something she can find in nothing else.

The journey of her life is a shadow dance, moving in and out of the shadows of her realities, unable to explain what she finds there, but knowing beyond any doubt that it is real. Tonight I will walk in the shadows, calling to me the things that nourish me. Tomorrow as the sun rises I will watch the shadows move on the wall fading as the light fills the room, knowing they will always be there, waiting for me, my shadow dance.


One thought on “The Shadow Dance

  1. what a truly lovely piece of writing…I resonated with it deeply as I’ve often felt I had ‘two’ lives. The private one, and the public one.

    The private one is so sacred and majical. I’m constantly reaching out and touching the unseen.

    The public one bears the light from those private moments, but my focus is so physical vs. spiritual.

    Thank you

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