Thinking Back

Holiday lights have always been a big thing with my family. Over the years the neighbors came to expect them and, in fact we seemed to inspire a few with our efforts. We tend to stick with lights and few plug in things, though with kids I did manage to acquire some plastic over the years. These things hold a sentimental place in our hearts though we are down to two. Once again it seems we have managed to put things off due to illness this year and now we will be hanging lights in the cold and snow. That also seems to be a tradition. Our first big snowstorm is headed our way and the newest addition to our decor has not been put into the lawn as yet. It has a stake that needs to be pounded in and given the cold we have been experiencing, this could be a challenge at best. There is something magical about the lights and I would have to admit I still like driving around to see them as I did when I was a little girl.

We also have two trees now, as over the years we collected many ornaments. Some of the ones we have are from when I was first married and we had no money. They are painfully ugly and hold no sentiment for the marriage long since over, but still they seem to stay with us year after year. Some that we have added are very beautiful and some are from my parents. We managed to rescue them from my fathers clutches when I was caring for him. He was never known for the care he took with such things and most were lost over the years. My mother would have been horrified to find them packed on on top of another many in bits.

To this day I can remember my favorite ornament, a silver ball with frosted details around it. It had an indentation like many of the old ornaments and there was a swan pictured there. It fell victim early on to a hasty packing job. As in many things remembered from childhood, perhaps it would not be as beautiful now. Still each year, I look to see if I can find something like it. There are many memories held in such small pieces of glass, good memories of my childhood. My brother looks at those ornaments as well and he remembers those days long since gone. I think I will have him over for dinner and a tree trim. Perhaps we can break out the old slides, (slides I just dated myself) and have some fun.


2 thoughts on “Thinking Back

  1. What a wonderful collection of memories, You paint the holidays with such color! Thanks for sharing…
    I’m thinking about the odds and ends men find so useless…~snort~

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