Visitor of The Soul

Today is a better day  and I’ve found myself in a lighter spirit, plotting the design of my outside lights.  The bad mood of yesterday is gone, and in the last half hour I’ve started shivering and feeling like I want to fall over. I should have known, as almost every flu bug is heralded by a mood swing such as the yesterdays. Still, I find myself in a peaceful spot and the while bundling and drinking  tea, the good mood continues.

This morning as I was surveying my blogs I had an interesting experience.  I came upon a piece where a ping back had been added. As I read the piece, one I had written two days ago, I found myself swept away.  I moved through the words,  the emotions filling me as if it was written by a stranger and I’d just stumbled upon it.  It was an overwhelming feeling and I sat looking at the words wondering “who wrote this anyway?”

Every once in a while this person I’m not sure of yet, the one who is still finding her way in me, reaches out and writes through me.  Then she is gone again, leaving the pieces that speak softly or the pieces that pull me into their embrace, like the one from this morning. I hope one day she will stay, this visitor of my soul.  Then perhaps those days I sit and struggle, pen in hand, will be filled with words that help me weave a tapestry of my world.


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