Twin flames, now there is a topic that might get some eye rolls.  A while back I had a reading done and the person doing it knew basically nothing about me. She brought up a twin flame in my life and at the time I found the reading to be very on, enjoyed it and put it aside.

This weekend I remembered that reading and decided to do a bit of research on the topic.  Let me warn you there are many bad sites about twin flames, some who want your money and some that deny they are dating sites while wanting to match you with yours. I pressed on and did find a couple of good sites.  The concept of the twin flame is not a new one but has been made to seem so with new agey twists.  As I read on I found myself almost breathless as I the words and emotions I have not been able to describe to others were sitting on a page before me.  A feeling of peace came over me as I moved through the pages, an understanding, at least more of an understanding of what I have found.  It was an answer  for the emotions that fill me, ones that cant be dismissed even if I would wish it so.  Someone asked me how I could feel so much love for another person.  I could never answer her, I just knew what I felt was real.

I’m not sure why I am writing about this here, as there are those who will never understand and think me quite silly.   I needed to share this moment of clarity that I have been given. I’m certain there was a reason for it, perhaps it was just my time to know. 


3 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. When i was a young girl my grandfather used to tell me a folk tale about the twin flames on the mountain. I wonder if that story is out there on the web…
    It sounds like you found something that you needed to. Peace to you!

  2. It was a pretty sketchy post as I don’t feel free to write about all of it on the blog. There have been so many experiences that I could tell you about and when I started reading about the who Twin Flame concept, it made sense for the first time.

  3. The Romantic in me wants to believe in the Twin Flame idea 🙂 I’d love to hear about what you’ve learned,,,,I looked into it myself a couple of years back. If there is such a person as a Twin Flame, I’ve yet to meet him.

    Even though – in many ways – that’s all I’ve ever really wanted.

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