Coming Home

This week has been one for the moon and stars in my life, their influence making me stop to gaze at the night sky and leaving me filled with thoughtful hours after.  Certainly they have influenced me as I have found myself writing about things that normally would not be put to a page, private things from the deepest part of my soul. Perhaps it was the time to share such things as I feel myself being moved forward to new places.

The moon and stars have called me out under the night sky this week, first the stars and now the moon.  Last night as I wandered about outside with the dog, I noticed yet another neighbor moving in or out. As I watched, my gaze was drawn upwards to the sky. There was the moon, the outline a perfect silhouette on the night sky accented with a lovely small crescent to the side. It was quite beautiful and once again I found myself wishing I had camera in hand.  I turned away moving with the dog as she explored her many snowbanks, and when I turned back, it was gone without a trace.  I wondered and then resigned myself to clouds going back inside. I spent the next part of my evening on the deck untangling and weaving a display of Christmas lights, the picture of the moon never leaving me. It was not until later, outside with the dog once again, that I realized the moon does not rise in front of my home, but rather in back, the deck side.  The stars at that time were brilliant in the sky but again there was no trace of the moon I had seen earlier. I went back inside and out onto the deck to have a look as this is where the moon should have been. Again there was no moon. Perhaps we had more clouds that I realized in the night sky or perhaps it was the distraction of the lights that kept me busy.  

I thought about that moon for the rest of the evening along with the star that I had seen earlier in the week, wondering about where my thoughts have been this week and the clarity I have experienced. Maybe it’s just one giant coincidence and I’ve been fortunate to have seen some lovely things. Still it feels as if something is speaking to me, calling me back and at the same time moving me forward. “Coming home” a definition I ran across this morning describes much of this week.  My heart and soul have found their way again and I have found a quiet peace this week as the answers that have left me searching for so long, at least some of them,  have found their way to me under a star filled sky. 

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