Drift To Sleep And Dreams

This is one of those quiet mornings where the stars and moon still fill the sky and the house sleeps. I’m sitting here with my breakfast in hand, pondering the day marking another year of my life. When did I get to be this woman and how did the time pass by me so fast?  Truly time seems to race past me these days and a voice of urgency presses me forward, the voice that says “time waits for no one.” 

As I sit here so tired from the nights work, part of me wants to walk by the lake under the stars on this dark cold morning. Part of me wants to wander the world sharing my experiences as I go.  Some of me want to close my eyes and journey today, letting go to seek more, something I suppose I will never stop doing. It is my nature to want to know more and more.  Sitting here I realize that some things I might think to be big discoveries turn out to be nothing more than a beautiful view of the moon and stars.  It’s the little things that are often the biggest discoveries, the ones that one day make you stop and think.  It’s then you see further down the road of your journey and those things that made you doubt wait there for you.

Today I want to run and shout, the girl in me still very much alive.  The woman just wants to drift into sleep and dreams, hoping all that she wishes for this day will be waiting there for her. 

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