Night Lights

Tonight is beautiful, the bitter cold giving way to milder weather.  The moon is bright in the sky and I am about to return to my perch on the step stool as I hang the lights that line the front walk. As I hang each string it becomes more magical looking, giving me the motivation I need to continue.

I’ve often found the late evening and night a great time to do projects, as those who would normally be underfoot, or offer helpful but unwelcome suggestions are in bed. Personally I’d rather no one had to endure my grumbling as I find myself entangled in endless strings of lights.  I would certainly win no awards for charm. The beauty of the night sky also accents the lights making the end result immediately rewarding.

I’m hoping my neighbors don’t wonder as I work along their side of the walkway hanging the sheet lights that line the entrance of our homes with a jewel like quality.  As I work it brings back memories of when my children were small and I would be outside working on clearing the snow. They would watch from the doorway begging to come outside. After many long minutes bundling them they would join me and then not ten minutes later ask to go back inside.  I would go in and out of the house while clearing mountains of snow with my little shovel, making sure they were not into mischief.  Once I came in to find the kitchen table top adorned with crayon.

Now they are big and the dog has taken their place, standing with her big brown eyes watching me from the long windows that line the front door.  Once outside she quickly shows her true colors, trotting away to check out what treasures she might find as my neighbors have spoiled her badly.  Pursuit is a game she adores as she waits until I am upon her and then bolts quickly away. Once she is cold she goes quickly inside only to return to her long window and the whole thing starts from the beginning. 

While I hang the lights for my own enjoyment and for others who I know would miss them were they not put up, I get the bonus of a quiet night out under the moon and stars. There are many thoughts going through me right now, beautiful words from the heart that I have not been able to bring to the page.  Perhaps my time in the night air will clear my head and allow those words to come together.


4 thoughts on “Night Lights

  1. Goldenferi,
    I was hanging the lights on the house the other night. It was also a crisp clear night. Plus there was a meteor shower in the heavens above. My display may not be the best but I’ll never forget it.

    Looking forward to those pages…

  2. Isn’t he one of the “underfoot helpers” that was suppose to be in bed? Oh well, I hope the Helping Elf Union wont mind! WAIT! Does that mean YOU can go to bed????

  3. He certainly has been underfoot, but not helpful. He was asleep when I hung the first lights. I moved them about a bit but now that bunch has shorted out. I need my daughter to look and see what the issue is. She can usually figure it out.

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