Quiet Travels

Another snowy day has come, the snow falling as the light of the day fades away. The post holiday stress has caught up with me and I feel as if I could sleep for days. Curling under the warm covers of my bed, I find myself drifting away into thoughts and places, finding the things that were lost to me for the past days. The solitude I seek is found during these times where I can retreat into my mind and let it travel to the places and people that find me as well.

It seems sometimes we sit longing for the places we wish to be and for those who are not here at our side. In that longing we forget that those who are connected with us for whatever reason, are but a whisper away. Today I close my eyes and speak the soft words from deep in my soul, falling into sleep wrapped in the warm embrace of those that answer.

3 thoughts on “Quiet Travels

  1. Wow…I could so relate to this post. I even called in yesterday, and stayed home from work…took a shower….and put my jammies right back on and didn’t get dressed until 5:00 ish!

    Solitude is such a healing thing…sometimes we just need to stop when our bodies tell us to stop. You’ve said this so beautifully – it brings comfort just reading your words, about your whispers, and the responses from deep within. Thank you for sharing that.

  2. Okay…how did you make it snow on your blog? Thats awesome!!! And please tell me the header pictureisn’t your Solstice lights? If so, I’d like to put a bid on your lighting skills right now and will fly you to my house next December! Gorgeous!!!!!

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