As I was sitting here remembering that tomorrow is my mothers birthday, I was also suddenly reminded that it is Candlemas. I admit this past year has been a journey for me, one that has molded me into a pagan of my own making. I don’t fit any molds nor could I ever walk the […]


Today I found this forwarded to me by my friend Hawk. Thank you so much. I am putting on both blogs as he visits both and I’m not sure which one this was intended for. It’s always uplifting to be recognized by your fellow bloggers. There are so many with so much to say out […]

Summer and Winter

It was a bright and cheerful afternoon, Towards the end of the sunny month of June, When the north wind congregates in crowds The floating mountains of the silver clouds From the horizon–and the stainless sky Opens beyond them like eternity. All things rejoiced beneath the sun; the weeds, The river, and the cornfields, and […]