Magical Moments

Sometimes magic comes to you when you least expect it, for me the quiet moments when I can kick back think about the day or let my mind wander. So it was on a quiet new years eve, when nothing special was planned except a walk out in the snow under the stars.

The night was filled with an energy I can’t explain as if a voice was calling me outside, perhaps to find something waiting. It was a strong voice, one hard to ignore and finally as evening came, I donned my winter gear and headed out, hoping to walk my “secret path” and enjoy the stillness. As we all know, the best laid plans often change. I started my walk to be greeted by the bite of January air. I had not been feeling the best and though bundled, it cut through me like a knife. I continued on a bit, thinking the energy of the walk would warm me.  As I walked I noticed the street was sheer ice under the snow and I had no desire for a repeat performance of last year and thought twice about being sprawled out injured in the dark of night. I turned for home, the voice still calling me, watching the party-goers arriving at some of the homes around me. 

My son was asleep in the chair upon my arrival home and I scooted him to bed. The strong urge to write had been with me all day and so I wandered back down to the computer and hammered out a few tangled words.  Once up in bed I settled down with a  movie and then after, donned my headphones with a thunder and rain cd, one of my favorites. As I sat there, in the quiet of the soon to be new year, I felt myself surrounded by all the energy that had earlier called me outside. It was an incredible feeling, something can’t explain to anyone who has not experienced it and  I knew at once that I was not alone. 

Those things spoken only in my heart had been heard and as I drifted away to the sound of the cd, I traveled again to those places that have escaped me for so many long days. It is still with me today and I am filled with intense beautiful emotions. There really is no way to put to a page experiences like last night, but my wish is for each of you to have such a moment, one filled with magic, love and light.



2 thoughts on “Magical Moments

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful event with me. I happened to your site because I titled a recent post similarly and wordpress threw your name up on the screen. Yeah, OK. That’s the logical explanation, and yet I know there is so much more to it all. There are no coincidences. Your magical moment speaks to me.

    I often feel alone. Under the shroud of my own perceived separation. I love when magical moments show up at times and lift this shroud to remind me once again that I am not alone.

    You can read me at www. I have just started blogging and it feels good.

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