The World of Words

The world of words is a fascinating one, one I have only begun to experience in the last year. Sometimes I find it difficult to explain this place I go when I retreat into my words. I am cautious of it’s description lest I be labeled as something less than complimentary.  When words start to fill me and wrap themselves around my head, they form another world, one that I see and feel.  They call to a place where they become almost real and only then can I start to weave them into something that might make it to the page.  These are the most difficult to write as they take time to  craft and they may linger with me for some time before I can put them together.

Other times the words come in an instant, on the way to bed, out on a walk, or just sitting at a desk.  They flow through me with a passion and I am compelled to put them down. Then they are gone, whispers that float away.  It is those words that make me sit and wonder when I look back on them as if they were put there by a stranger. 

There are times when the words leave and though I may try to make them come, they will only come when they will and not at my bidding.  I’ve seen my forced efforts, the ones where I felt obligated to write and the result is scattered and lifeless.  

Last night I was very tired and while I started to drift off, those words returned, the ones that linger. I felt them coming together, forming the picture I had seen but could not craft for weeks.  I have not written them yet, but hope to do so tonight. They paint a memory, purely fiction, but one that feels so real I can feel the mist of the sea on my face as I write.

Many nights I wonder why the world of words found me now after years spent pursuing other things, a question that no doubt will never be answered.  



9 thoughts on “The World of Words

  1. Wow, I was gazing at a wall of my room for a long, and suddenly comprehend – the house was standing beyond the wall and somebody, maybe, was gazing at wall there – as I was gazing – we both were looking at the wall but from different sides and it was thus till we entered the world of words – discovered ourselves in the eyes of each other.

    The text above could look hard to read (Iam writing with the dictionary) but my joy is wholehearted – Hi, my friend.

    Thank you for visiting. Your comment ended up in spam and I’m not sure why. I rarely check it and found several nice comments there today.

  2. 🙂 Inspiration is a wonderful thing. I related so much to this post. One of the reasons I’ve taken a Blog Pause was for the very thing you are speaking out. I didn’t want to force something – I can really tell the difference when I am writing under In-Spiration (In-Spirit), and when I’m writing because….I think I have to? LOL NOT a good reason. 😉

    Awesome post…your words hold so much vibrant energy…

  3. Thank you. I just started thinking about it the other night. I was lying in bed and this whole beautiful write started washing over me, not this one. I havent’ written it yet as it’s taken some time. I do note when I am writing under obligation and it stinks. I have never felt that on your blog but you know how you feel. When I’m ready to write it just happens.

  4. great post. I just want to stop by and say hello, and as always your ink is absulately amazing! I’m truly gravitated by the imagery of your expression… well I got to run but dont stop the pen- its a inlightment to us.

    much love and many blessing!

  5. Goldenferi,
    You have spoken the truth. All I can say is a resounding “AMEN”. I pray that your pen is ready when next the Words find you. Thank you so much. Dobry Noc.

  6. Thanks. I wonder about getting a small dictation device to keep at my bedside. Sometimes the greatest things come to me at night when I find myself all comfy and dont want to get back up.

  7. Guess what I am in the process of buying! It was to be my birthday treat but other things took precedence. I borrowed one when I was at UNI and found it very useful. Yes its a vital tool and a useful one for lots of reasons, even dream recall. thanks fo rth e-card by the way that was really funny. I am away to do the healing just now ( reiki distance practice) maybe on line much later, not sure if you are working or not? anyway catch you later or sometime soon..xx hope all is well.

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