It’s a cold January day, the type that makes you want to stay under the covers all toasty and warm. The sun is out, giving it the illusion of warmth but the body knows better. I’ve tried to lie back and journey with my “tranquil” cd’s but the mind is jumping in every direction, and I recognize the familiar feeling of emptiness that comes when I cant connect, combined with almost a desperation to make it happen.

This feeling is nothing new, having happened many times in the past. I’m trying to clear my mind of it and just listen for what I know is there and what will return as it always does. With my impatient nature this is a harrowing task. My heart is weary and yet filled with so many emotions. Connection is what I need, with the things around me, those things that hold me up and catch me when I fall. Patience and it will come.


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