Who Am I?

This afternoon I spent some time visiting blogs, rather than doing the things that need to be done around the house.  There are such remarkable people on my blogroll it is always a pleasure to catch up on what they have written.  Often, as I have said before, I go from their blogs to new blogs, often finding jewels along the way.

Sometimes I find trends that disturb me, one such trend in the past was obligation, sometime I have previously commented on. Today trend was comments, meant for those who visit as lurkers but never comment. It is a good thing to comment on others work, to let them know you’ve been by to visit and what you’ve found.  The whole thing started me thinking, however, and I wondered who it is I am and why I started blogging in the first place. Am I a blogger, looking for community and friendships?  Yes I have made some great friends along the way and I do love speaking with them. I appreciate their input on the things I write and with them by my side I have grown.  My other blog site is total community and I’ve found it does affect the things I post. There I am a blogger, but here, am I a blogger or dare I call myself  a writer?  There are those who would scoff at the second part and no doubt I am my biggest critic.   Perhaps I am both. This is my home where I test my wings and try my hand.  I let my words flow freely from me, at least as free as I can so far, and wait to see what comes next.  It seems as they grow I find myself pulled into a world all my own where I walk the story that I weave.  I hope to have the courage to weave those words on paper soon, rather than just in the mind. I hope to get through 24 hours without hitting the delete button, my personal curse. 

What does all this have to do with comments? Looking back I have no idea. Perhaps it’s the idea that I am being told what I have to do, that I must write because I am obligated to those who read my blog, or I must comment because I’m supposed to.  Understanding the value comments have had for me, I will try harder to reciprocate.  I still have no idea what one has to do with the other.  I guess I have more work to do in the world of writing.


8 thoughts on “Who Am I?

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  2. It’s really interesting, I was having a discourse with a friend of mine about blogging “obligations”, I told her that I read all the blogs in my blogroll, but don’t always feel like I have to comment, and I don’t always get to them in a timely manner. If I make coming here a chore, then it’s not fun, and i don’t want that to happen. I would hate to think that you have imposed some sort of “rules” on your blogging.
    I love what you write and the way you write, but you are not beholden !

  3. I like to meander around, too. I never would’ve chosen to begin blogging if I hadn’t found an online community and then created a blog months and months afterwards. I am baffled by the desire to have a blog with no connections. I don’t understand the purpose of that. Why not just keep a journal?
    I don’t always have comments for my online connections and I don’t expect everyone to comment on each of my posts. I tend to write a little bit about a lot of things and sometimes it’s poetry which not everyone reads.

  4. For me blogging came first and the community second. It is nice to have community but that isn’t why I started. I think it’s more the obligation factor that bothers me, the idea that I must write because I am obligated or I must comment because I am obligated.

  5. I’m with Sorrow. I do the same. I visit and read but do not always comment. Sometimes I just return at another time or sometime much later when I have the time.

    There are moments when I’m not sure what I want to offer, if anything at all. Besides, we live in a world of being too PC all the time and it appears or seems, if you say something slightly skewed, someone gets their engines all fired up and there go . . . confrontation.

    I’m not saying it’s good to be adversarial but forget the obligatory feelings. We blog and comment because we enjoy it or have something to say. When it comes down to it, who are any of us anyway? We are just a diverse group of people who have chosen to blog about whatever is on our minds at any given moment. Kinda like talking to your friends in your own warm and fuzzy center of influence.

    I meander all over the place and do more reading than commenting, but I generally comment on those sites I enjoy visiting the most.

    A good piece of writing here. I know, I’m rambling about stupid stuff. So what else is new?


  6. I ramble plenty about stupid stuff. I think I was feeling a bit picky when I wrote this. I’ve mellowed over the past couple of days.

  7. Goldenferi?


    No se sienta obligado/a a escribir.

    Es mejor cuando lo hace como algo propio, con naturalidad.

    Usted tiene una forma de escribir que disfruto muchisimo!

    Tiene algo tan propio, tan personal, alcanza a las profundidades de mi ser.

    Lo valioso es si para usted es importante escribir!

    Lo valioso sale desde su mismo ser! Es algo intrinseco, va con usted

    Sale de sus entrañas a sus dedos y se refleja en letras con significado, que nosotros podemos disfrutar al leer.

    Esa satisfacción es suya, es personal, le pertenece a usted!

    Es un reconocimiento a la creatividad de expresión y a la delicadeza de la emoción.

    Me encanta leer en la blogosfera.

    No siempre dejo un comentario.

    Esta vez escribo para decir cuanto aprecio su escrito!

    Quien es usted?

    Usted es!

    Eso es todo lo que importa!

    Es lo único que importa!



    Siga creando y construyendo su mundo!

    Es la capacidad que tenemos los humanos, de crearnos un mundo propio donde ser feliz, donde ser desdichados, donde podemos llorar o reir, es nuestra elección.

    A la querida persona llamada Goldenferi.

    Mi color es amarillo

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