Thoughts of Summer

Today is one of those bitter cold January days. The wind chill warnings are all over the map and it takes your breath away even to go outside for a moment. The sun was out earlier, giving the illusion of warmth to an otherwise classic Minnesota winter day. It’s been a few years since we’ve had a winter like this. I can remember a January not ten years ago where I was running around with a sweatshirt. This is the winter of my childhood years, all white and silver.

My heart still longs for the summer, the lake with it’s water still and blue like glass, the flowers and butterflies dotting the landscape. I long for the summer nights, the warmth, the skies filled with stars and the sounds of all the summer songs filling the night air. I never knew my heart would turn toward summer with such a strength, being an autumn girl all my life, but it has. It almost seems that this is the time when I connect most with the things around me. We have a few months yet to go and I know this is a source of the emptiness I have been feeling. Time passes quickly, however, and spring will be on the doorstep soon, announcing the coming of summer. Until that time, I need to remind myself of it’s beauty so I will be posting some pictures to do just that.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Summer

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  2. I prefer spring much better. Every time spring comes, it is like opening up a new page in life and starting everything anew. I just love watching the flowers bloom and the birds sing. It’s a wonderful time.

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