Vanishing the Doubts

This is one of those days where I am surrounded by doubts about the things closest to my heart. I’m not sure where it came from or why I would feel this way but I am working at blocking those doubtful voices in my head, knowing this will pass as sure as it arrived. I suspect it is a combination of the bleak winter days and the strong need for time alone.

Day like this are such a struggle as you work to put it all out of your mind, your heart weighing you down like a thousand pounds, making your every move tired and slow, your every thought without direction. This is when I need time alone so badly to hear what is really being said rather than the voices that come from my own insecurity and choose to haunt me.

Alas tonight is work so time alone will not be had, nor would it be at home. Still this may be the diversion that clears my head long enough for the true words to reach me and wrap me in their embrace, the doubts vanishing as a warmth moves through me letting me know it was only a moment and all is well.


3 thoughts on “Vanishing the Doubts

  1. I think you’re experiencing some winter blues. Work can be a great diversion to get your mind back on track. I don’t think spending time alone is a good way to overcome this; it would only make one thinking and doubting oneself even more.

  2. I think you are right. Between being trapped inside in bitter cold weather and having a sick teenager I was ready to pitch myself off a roof. The sun is out and it is warming up. I feel much better, except for the cold I caught from him.

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