The Gentle Days of Spring

The sun is out and the icicles on roof are melting away, a welcome respite from the dark long days of winter. The doubts that plagued me just days ago are gone, leaving as quickly as they arrived. The things of every day life go on and today I’m thankful to just sit in a dry house with running water, nursing my cold. I’m spending the day pouring over the many seed catalogs arriving daily in the mail, dreaming of warmer days and vast gardens filled with flowers.

Yesterday was not such a tranquil day, one that pulls us out of any mystical place and smacks us right back into reality. As I sat pondering a much needed nap, I heard the sound of running water. Thinking it was the bath I sat a bit longer wondering why it was so noisy. Needless to say it was not the bath and I found we had burst a pipe outside, water pouring down the side of our home. Maintenance guys poured in and out of the house all afternoon, searching for a valve to restore water to the inside while keeping it off on the outside. They did finally find it and to their credit it was hidden under the ceiling put in by the builders. They shop vac’d the water that had seeped inside and promise to come clean my carpet left a bit muddy by their coming and going. I have to tell you, it’s nice to have an association and not have to take care of this myself anymore, other than the initial phone call. Of course this means there will be no vast gardens as I have no vast yard where I can plant them, but I have plenty of deck and patio space for pots and I have my “woods” and meadows filled with trees and wildflowers.

Today, before I leave for work. I’m going to sit with my cup of tea, enjoying the sunshine and remembering that soon I’ll be sitting by the water against my favorite tree, enjoying the gentle days of spring.


5 thoughts on “The Gentle Days of Spring

  1. Goldenferri,
    Can I tell you how much i love coming here? I find such warmth in your words and in your every day. It feels so good , it’s one of those places that makes you realize that it’s just the daily, and where you are does not change.
    House catastrophe done and over, spring around the corner, seed catalogs in hand! My coffee cup is empty and I am filled by visiting here!
    Blooms ,warmth and light to you today and always!

    Thanks for the kinds words my friend.

  2. Yes its better now..I liked this one when I had it I just wanted to be able to do a bit more with pictures and things..I wish they would make some more dark choices for us here 🙂

  3. Yes – spring – ecological and spiritual – always does seem to come when it’s most needed. I love the photograph – new life emerging from the womb of winter. Enjoy your peaceful moments!

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