As I was sitting here remembering that tomorrow is my mothers birthday, I was also suddenly reminded that it is Candlemas. I admit this past year has been a journey for me, one that has molded me into a pagan of my own making. I don’t fit any molds nor could I ever walk the path with those who would tell me what I should feel and when. Even back in my young years I never was one to accept the trappings of organized religion. While it offers strength and comfort to some, it felt suffocating to me. As I took my first steps into the pagan world I discovered those who offered nothing different, just relabeled.

I’m like many who have ventured out on their own, to better hear the voice from within and the messages of those who guide us. There has been a strong stirring in me the past few days. I realize now this day has been calling me reminding me to stop and listen, to take stock of where I am and where it is I want to be. So tonight I will fill the room with candlelight and remember this as the beginning of spring to come, the beginnings of life and a time to gaze into the water and see what may be.


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