The Path of Stars

The other day was nice and I spent some time taking lights down off the deck, the lights I had struggled so much with before the holidays. Rain was coming followed by ice and I didn’t want them ruined. As I took each strand off I felt a tug in my heart as the lights lend such a magic to anything, perhaps why I choose to work with candles. The lights are all piled on the table now, waiting to be sorted and put away. Though I struggled with them before the holidays and wanted to toss them all in the garbage can, now deep down I want to put back the white sheet lights, as they look like tiny stars hanging from the deck. I’ve always loved the stars and the lights help me feel surrounded by them.

It’s late now, and perhaps as I sit here wide awake, I just need a little magic. Its too cold to sit under the stars, though I must admit they are magnificent. I guess tonight I’ll have to find a way to journey with them walking a path of stars through the night. It’s amazing what can happen when you just close your eyes.

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