Today is warmer, the ice is melting off the walks and you can smell the first sign of spring in the air. It’s a welcome respite from the cold that will no doubt return at least for one last hurrah along with the classic spring blizzard. I’ve been full of thoughts and ideas the last […]


Today I spent part of the afternoon trying my hand at editing css, and just barely averted disaster. At one point I sat staring at my blog wondering what I was going to do. All is well thankfully, and I really must find someone who can create what it is I want. I put up […]

Working On It

There are words have returned filling me again and I am trying desperately to put them on a page. I can hear them and speak them in my mind so I don’t know why this is so difficult. Some are just thoughts from a woman on a journey, some, stories from another time, fantasies or […]

Let Them Eat Cake or Pie

Today is one of those days filled with craziness but somehow it’s all fun.  When I was younger I would have been hysterical by now but it is what it is.  My brother is about to grace my home for birthday dinner having been  invited  earlier this week. I placed my grocery order and lo […]


The last few days have been stressful and chaotic for me leaving me without the ability to put any words to the page. Things are settling and though exhausted I feel words starting to form as if by magic. I don’t know some days where they come from and when they leave, I’m never sure […]