I’m not quite sure why I was taken by this picture when I saw it. It’s not my usual choice, being a pre raphaelite addict, but something about it held my gaze. As this fairy looks into the water to see whatever it is she seeks, I freely admit scrying is not a skill of mine. Most of my journeying is done with my eyes closed after I’ve put out the candles and walked from my space filled with an energy I can’t explain. This is when, if I’m fortunate I’m given pictures or visits, perhaps dreams of my asking, the most unusual.

Fire is my sign but water holds a peace for me and is a place I often connect strongly with things. Though I have never found a pond quite as lovely as this one, my lake holds all the magic I need. Now tonight as I sit with my candles ready to be lit, I wonder what will I will see when once again the candles go out and I find myself drifting away.

It’s quiet in my house, one of those treasured times I get all too rarely. Perhaps it will be a time of reflection, without the water, a time where I can ponder those things I’ve had little time for and speak aloud my wishes to the night and all those unseen who gather with me.



One thought on “Reflections

  1. I have always found myself obsessing over “pond” flowers like waterlilies and lotuses. There is something so reflective and serene about them; I just couldn’t explain.

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