The last tweny four hours have been spent obsessing over the look of my blog. I’ve driven myself thoroughly crazy and probably everyone who comes here as well. I’ve long been frustrated with trying to achieve a look that captures who I am. I wanted this blog to speak not only in words but visually. I poured over the custom themes finding a few that were perfect but I lack the website knowledge to set up and install. I also resented the need to pay up not only for customization but for a web-host to achieve my desired results. At one point I came very close to moving this to Blogger. Still, other than limited design options, I have been happy here at WP.

I’ve gone from light backgrounds to dark and back again over and over, and the last couple of days settled on a dark background reflecting at least, I felt, the title of my blog. As I looked at it however, I became increasingly dissatisfied as it seemed suffocating. As I added things to brighten it up, it became cluttered and new age, something that is so not me. I tried simplicity but still something was missing. Frustrated, I stormed off to work. During break I wandered back to one of the designs I had seen, clipped the header into my blog and suddenly it seemed to be better.

As I drove home from work this morning, thinking about the header, I realized what I needed all along was balance. I needed light with the dark, day with the night and color amidst the simplicity. I love the night, it’s my favorite time, solitary and peaceful, a time for all things mystical. But then I realized, I love the sunny days, the trees, flowers and sitting by the lake. It’s a time when the mystical workings of the night send their messages softly across the water by day. Without one, how can we appreciate the other.

So there you have it, the parable of the blog design, clarity from confusion. Who knew?


3 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Wonderful! I am so glad you found something that spoke to you! We find/hear messages in the strangest of places..I guess that is a lesson to me to always be listening…lol!
    I love the banner, it’s very YOU! But someone needs to tell WP that the orange on black HAS TO GO!
    Walk easy

  2. I’m glad you like the new header. I’m not sure I’m done here but for now it’s much better. I agree this horrible orange needs to go.

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