Since this is the month where flowers are given and received by so many I thought it might be worthwhile to post a ditty about some of the beauty we have in flowers.  I was thinking about violets this afternoon, as I watch the snow fall. We have violets all around us in the summer and I cant wait to see them.


Meaning of the Flower
General Violet- humility
White Violet –a chance with happiness
Blue Violet -alert, Faithful, always around

Violets are a very beautiful and mystifying flower. There are many tales alinksached to this flower. One roman ancient tale tells about some lovely maids who became the sufferers of Venus’ anger when cupid pronounced be more beautiful than her. In her jealousy venus beat the maidens until they turned blue and turned into violets. It is said if a person dreams of violets then it’s an indication towards success and moving ahead in life. A garland of violets worn around the head like a headband prevents one from getting dizzy. And these violet flowers are always considered as a good luck symbol for any woman. 


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