Thoughts on a New Moon

Last night I was talking to an elderly caller. We finished the business side of the call,  and then he asked if I wanted to hear a story. I love my older callers and so said yes.  He proceeded to tell me in great detail a story dating back to when he was nine years old. As I listened I realized how fast  life passes us by and how easy it is to forget.  As he spoke I found myself going back to my own childhood when things were simpler.

As I grow older I seem to want a quieter life, a more gentle life, leaving the fight to others. I want the time to just sit and savor the sounds of the day and night, the beauty of nature. I want to get to know the people who walk this earth, at least some of them, so we can remember in the beginning we all come from the same place and most of us want the same things. As the night went by,  I felt a strong tenderness around me, a strong desire to care for all those who might need it. Maybe it was the new moon, maybe the eclipse in Aquarius.  Maybe it was the caller reminding me of a time gone by. I’m not sure but it’s still with me today. Sometimes when I meditate I visualize pushing positive energy by covering my lake with jewels. Today when I close my eyes, I’m going to try sending that into the world. 


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a New Moon

  1. Hello, I’ve found you here at last! Thanks for the link on your blogroll. I’ve added you to my lawn loungers list.
    As for this entry I agree about wanting a quieter, more gentle life as I get older, and enjoying the beauty of nature.
    Take care and have a good weekend.

    I’m glad we found each others blogs.

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