Sounds in The Night

My house has been quiet for some time, free from the “visitors” that so often grace it. I’ve had nothing while sitting here writing and there have been no footsteps in the night. The last couple of days, however, my son reported seeing something, once again in the utility room. It was small, cat sized he thought. Our cats have been focusing on things as well, as cats do, looking at walls and watching things we can’t see.

Last night we had a peculiar smell off and on in the house. It was sweet at times and at other times foul. Each of us was aware of it thought not always at the same time. At bedtime my son and I heard a cat, nothing unusual as we have three. One of ours was in my daughters bedroom so I quickly opened the door, but she was sleeping. The other two were sitting in front of me in the hallway. It was not a sound of my cats, I know that sounds silly but I do know what mine sound like. It was low, as if it was in a room. I looked about and then my son and I stared back at one another. Then we heard it travel back downstairs.

I’ve never had an animal visit, at least not that I’m aware of, but then there is a first time for everything. It must have been the order of the night because as I drifted off to sleep I was awakened by an owl, one that must have been in the trees very close to the house. As I listened to its calls in the stillness of the cold night, there was a wonderful feeling that swept over me as if it was speaking to me. Even in the heaviness of my disturbed slumber I felt a beautiful energy with me.

As I said in a prior post, it’s been a weekend of feeling disconnected. Perhaps I was connected all along.


4 thoughts on “Sounds in The Night

  1. I miss your soft writing, damn you really know how to paint a rainbow in ink. I need your books, where could I get them. lol

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and adding it to your blogroll. The writing about an animal visit was well done. I have never experienced anything like that. We have had unseen occupants in our last house that mostly bothered my son but occasionally made its presence known to me. The world is an interesting place.

  3. We had an ice storm here yesterday, and late last night i walked carefully out onto my back deck. As i stood there I heard the call of an owl, and i waited, and it called again further off.
    I am reminded of the story about the fairy’s that ride on owls back delivering good deeds to those who believe. ( it’s a children’s book of my youngest)
    My something Good be delivered to you today!

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