More Lovely Surprises

Once again I found myself the recipient of more kind thoughts and recognition. I have been remiss in getting to this post and thanking Modern Musings Danielle for this. It never ceases to amaze me that people choose to reward me for writing down the things stirring deep in my soul and letting you all read them. There is so much more in there but I have not found a way to put it into words yet. Still this blog has been a huge beginning helping me express and open myself to all that I have given. Sometimes we find kindred spirits along the way and we learn we are not alone in this world. I thank everyone who takes the time to visit and if you enjoy it you can be sure I’ll keep writing it. 

Nice is an interesting thought. I’ve always been accused of being “too nice,” something painfully true and something hard to outgrow. It’s  been attached to me as a fault by most so receiving an award for it is lovely. I am trying to shed some of that niceness, as I’ve found too much of it is a bad thing. I spent much of my life apologizing to others when they should have been apologizing to me.  Niceness is something this world could use more of, however, as it seems kindness and good manners are in short supply.  Life is all about balance isn’t it? I will pass this along after my mind clears and I’ve had time to think.  Everyone on my blogroll is deserving.




2 thoughts on “More Lovely Surprises

  1. Like you, I also believe that niceness, kindness, and good manners are in short supply. Personally, I always start off nice in dealing with everyone I meet. But then, if people are rude, it’s a case of giving back as much a I receive plus, which is probably why few describe me as “nice”.


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