Let Them Eat Cake or Pie

Today is one of those days filled with craziness but somehow it’s all fun.  When I was younger I would have been hysterical by now but it is what it is.  My brother is about to grace my home for birthday dinner having been  invited  earlier this week. I placed my grocery order and lo and behold, it’s not here yet. If that isn’t enough, the grocery service just called to announce they will be 15 minutes later. I’ve pulled out the menu from the local Asian restaurant and will be calling for hors d’oeuvres if need be, hopefully not for dinner. Personally I’m starving as I’ve put off eating all day in anticipation of this meal filled with calories. My son is home from school, his food nicked by someone yet again, so at 14 going through another mammoth growth spurt, he’s about to eat the side off the house. Fortunately I think he just dozed off in the chair.  I’ve got the pans ready and the onions chopped.  Fortunately I bought a pie as though I’m a great cook I don’t do apple pie. If all else fails, we’ll start with dessert.




One thought on “Let Them Eat Cake or Pie

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