Today I spent part of the afternoon trying my hand at editing css, and just barely averted disaster. At one point I sat staring at my blog wondering what I was going to do. All is well thankfully, and I really must find someone who can create what it is I want. I put up the firefly header as it reminds me of the night and the warmth of summer, a nice thought in this cold weather. Fireflies are like natures fairies, their sparkling lights illuminating the night, their world small but brilliant. We are fortunate to get them off the deck but they are even more abundant in the meadow on the path that leads to my “fairy land.” Maybe this summer I’ll finally get going with pictures. I say that every year and every year nothing happens. The pictures I see best are the ones that come from within, the ones I describe in words. My talent does not lie in the lens of a camera. My father tried to teach me. After years of being chased around by a parent who sold every type of camera equipment known to man, but whose pictures were often candid and even more often not flattering, my taste for the camera was just not there. No, I think I’ll stick to painting my pictures and designing my blog with words, at least for now.


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