Today is warmer, the ice is melting off the walks and you can smell the first sign of spring in the air. It’s a welcome respite from the cold that will no doubt return at least for one last hurrah along with the classic spring blizzard.

I’ve been full of thoughts and ideas the last couple of days and feel the urge to write more and more. When it will begin I don’t know exactly but the urge is there. Last night I struggled with the idea of opening another blog for creative efforts as I feel there may be something new about to happen. I don’t know if you would call it fiction exactly but those who read it will surely think it so. After tossing the idea around I did open another blog, not public yet as it is empty. I’m hoping it does not fall by the side of the road like others ideas I’ve had.

What makes writing happen I have no idea. What makes a good writer is a question I have been tossing around in my head for days. Is it just in the eye of the beholder? The words that captivate us is a very individual thing. Each of us who puts our words on the page writes from someplace in the soul. We work the colors of our thoughts, ideas and dreams on the page, painting a picture for others, no matter how simple or complex.

My attempt, and right now I say attempt, will be just that, to paint a picture of those journeys I make and the places I visit, a storybook of sorts, one of reality and imagination. The world of imagination and reality touch one another crossing over into a world that waits for us to find it. We have only to open our eyes and minds and it will be there.

2 thoughts on “Storybook

  1. The best of luck! I hope that you find the ability and time to paint those pictures! I know you are an accomplished word smith, and the images will be wonderful!

    Between my own insecurities and the interruptions of everyday life, it will be a challenge indeed. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. All you can do, is just DO it…I dont blog everything I am working on- and I can assure you there are piles of note books, some from way back, some will turn to something more, but only if I work hard on the ideas there. And it is hard work when you are actually fulfilling your craft.. Every writer I have known has told me the following, it’s hard work, lonely and -writers write- and its true, in other words…just get down to it and do it…. Whereever whenever you can. Its the practice of it that makes the muse come forward and sing, sitting down and working each day. A good book to read and a good place to start for beginers, one that is inspiring is-
    Writing Down The Bones
    -Freeing The Writer Within
    (Shambhala, 1986)
    The book that started a revolution in the way people think about writing, now available in both standard and pocket size.

    “The secret of creativity, Natalie Goldberg makes clear, is to subtract rules for writing, not add them….Proof that she knows what she’s talking about is abundant in her own sentences. They flow with speed and grace and accuracy and simplicity….It’s the simple style of a Zen archer who looks like he’s not even aiming, yet sends arrow after arrow to the bull’s eye, time after time.”
    Robert Pirsig, author of “Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” ————————-
    And take a writing class! You are so lucky, you live somewhere where there will be loads of good classes to take and people to meet on the same path..I am stuck in the middle of nowhere, which is why I started blogging to get the juices going on a regular basis. I taught two classes here, the second one was a wash out only a few turned up each week…sigh..ok best get back too it! x

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