A Small Red Bird

Spring is finally here,  pushing the last of the winter away in slow quiet steps. The last of the snow sits on the boulevards though some parts of the state still have heavy snow warnings on the map. The sun has been out and the birds that don’t winter here are returning.  It’s been so […]

No Words

Sometimes silence is golden, moments where we sit and listen to the whispers of the night air, no words just thoughts drifting by under the stars. Tonight is such a night as I sit and think about the passage of time.  I wonder about what has been and what will come. I wonder about the […]

Moon and Apple

When the apple tree blooms, the moon comes often like a blossom, paler than any of them, shining over the tree. It is the ghost of the summer, the white sister of the blossoms who returns to drop in on us, and radiate peace with her hands so that you shouldn’t feel too bad when […]


Here we are, the first day of spring, the full moon and  Ostara.  This is also Good Friday for Christians.  This day carries many thoughts, different for each of us. As I was reading blogs this morning I echoed the sentiments of another. Spring has arrived, marked by new growth, the awakening of the earth […]

Spring Forward

Today I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning on the blog, removing posts that no longer reflect who I am right now and posts containing anything closely resembling whining. I’m sure there will be more victims of the delete button but for now I’m trying to exercise moderation. As I continue to post I’m trying […]

Like the Tides

All is still quiet as I fuss with the pages of the blog, trying to capture what I feel inside and what captivates my thoughts and words. Outside under the stars, I realized maybe it’s impossible to capture the essence of what you feel in colors and pictures, at least for me. So I shall […]