Let It Be

I’ve been quiet here the past couple of days though I find myself filled with words, beginnings and endings, stories, heartfelt thoughts, almost anything. It’s as if I have so much that it’s blocking my attempts to write it down. Coupled with the day to day interruptions of life and I find that writing is almost impossible.  Still the stories and thoughts remain close and I know soon they will pour out onto the page.

I’m in this place of peace right now, as if I’m watching my life through a window.  Nothing that upset me in the past seems to matter now. It is as if I know all will be ok and just to let life be as it is. Sometimes it feels as if some change is coming but then I think perhaps it has already arrived. 

But now I’m rambling making little sense, the risk of writing ones thoughts after a night of work. There is more to come, more thoughts, perhaps after I sleep.  

One thought on “Let It Be

  1. Let it be…it will be beautiful… a thought is a poem for the mind. A word is music to the soul…your mind is full of an orchestra of life…meaningful and full of life!

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