Like the Tides

All is still quiet as I fuss with the pages of the blog, trying to capture what I feel inside and what captivates my thoughts and words. Outside under the stars, I realized maybe it’s impossible to capture the essence of what you feel in colors and pictures, at least for me. So I shall stop for a little while, but there are no promises made. My words are still churning, filling journal pages as I work to form them into something that I hope will end up saying what is deep within.

I’ve been blog browsing tonight, between the demands of the day to day world. I’ve found new blogs rising out of the old and blogs that have gone away to seek other things. I’ve traveled the links on blogs I love often to find new treasures out there to visit again. One can travel the world in small steps by reading the hearts of others.

There has been much thought given to the concept of writing as I read what others think it should be, conflicting with one another and some quick to judge what it should not be. It seems there is a strong will to defeat one another, something I have not seen since my oldest son took up figure skating. He was tender back then, talented but quickly defeated by those who would tell him otherwise. I see that as I explore what writing means to some, the need to defeat those around them, to remind them what are are not, rather than what they are. It’s a curious thing to me, this competition among some. It seems to me we benefit from the words of others. They inspire, make us strong, keep us going and make us think. Of course somethings those who would move to discourage us, only make us move forward, opening and creating things closed inside for so long.

The moon has walked with me for many days, her light and darkness filling me and pushing me gently along a path where I have only started to journey. She steadies me when I doubt and fills me with a certainty of purpose. She is part of me as she is part of all who move with her like the tides of the ocean.



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