Looking Back Through a Window

Today I was doing a meme on my other blog. One of the entries was to post a link to my first post there. As I went to find it I realized how many things I had posted since that time and how much has changed. Once found, I read the post and remembered the experience like it happened yesterday. I could feel my breath catch as the emotions of that day sweep over me. It could not have been more timely as last night I felt somewhat disconnected, the time when doubt becomes an unwanted companion.

Sometimes when we sit and ask for things, like I did last night, they are delivered not in the way we would always expect, but in subtle reminders that what we have found on our journey is real indeed. It may take a backseat at times to the daily trials of life, but it is there, as surely as the sunrise and sunset. As the sunsets tonight, it’s last light shining through my bedroom window, I feel the warmth of that moment with me. No doubt I will look back on that post for many years to come and remember the day when a question was answered and I was given a moment to look through the window of a life gone by.

3 thoughts on “Looking Back Through a Window

  1. I went back to your other post ( the link does not work) and was smiling and nodding my head as i read. How many times have a bristled at something that was not part of my ‘expectation” only to find that it was more, so much more…
    This was a wonderful post, thanks for sharing part of your journey!

  2. The first post of any blog is precious because it sets the tone for the rest of one’s blogging experience. Yours is wonderful and fits your theme perfectly.

    The experience I wrote about in that post was one that changed everything for me.

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