Here we are, the first day of spring, the full moon and  Ostara.  This is also Good Friday for Christians.  This day carries many thoughts, different for each of us. As I was reading blogs this morning I echoed the sentiments of another. Spring has arrived, marked by new growth, the awakening of the earth from it’s winter sleep.  

While it is spring officially, there will be no moon to see tonight as our first day of spring is marked by falling snow. It is the typical snow that hails the last part of March and the air is mild. There is a quiet with snow, something I can’t describe well. I’ve always known when it arrives in the night as a hush falls over the air much like the snow blankets the earth. But enough about snow. The first of the flowers will be popping up by mid April and the green grass will be showing soon. The trees are budding and the birds are returning, the first Robin showing himself yesterday. We are all part of this awakening, the restlessness of the long winter finally rewarded with the beauty of the seasons change.



2 thoughts on “Ostara

  1. Here in my part of NJ the first buds are starting to appear on the trees and the weather, while still cold, is not biting….

    Blessed Ostara to you and yours

    Thanks and the same to you and yours as well.

  2. Happy Ostara to you, GOldenferi!! I’m so glad you stopped by today and left me a note. Somehow I missed getting your blog on my new blogroll and you’re someone I like to visit often 🙂

    The full moon here in Southern California has been awesome…Sending you Her magic to brighten your holiday.

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