Give Me Time

Today is a lovely spring day despite the snow we had yesterday.  As it rapidly melts away, I’ve been opening the patio doors and letting the scent of spring fill the house. Along with this I’m doing a much needed spring cleaning. 

The words have been slow lately but are still there. Some of them seem to be changing. They are taking on a new direction and as a result I’m moving with caution, building them carefully into something yet uncertain.  I have been flooding with new ideas, but with that comes the need for time to bring them together. 

Driving home the other morning I noticed the color sky.  It has been there every day of my life but for some reason for the first time I could see all the colors that make up the dawn. As I looked at the morning sky I was amazed at all the colors that work together to make something so beautiful.  I suppose this is what the painter sees when they put the paint to the canvas, or what the writer feels when weaving a beautiful story.  Why now after all this time I can see it who can say.  Perhaps it was something I needed at the time, a gift given like many I’ve received, to remind me of the moments that make the struggles all worth it.  

Now I find myself rambling, unable to say what it is that is beneath the surface. Give me time and I will get there.


3 thoughts on “Give Me Time

  1. The morning sky is probably my very favorite….and I find it interesting that it’s the contrast of light and dark that makes it so beautiful! Looking forward to more of your words when you are ready.

  2. I actually like the sky at dusk a lot better. It’s the polar opposite of the morning sky. I always feel a sense of closure watching such a view. I guess I’m in the minority.

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